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"Zoe is a charismatic and inspiring presenter.  Her passion for Sport Psychology and for working with people comes through during her lectures, but also through all of her interactions.  I would be delighted to have her presenting to my students again as she is not only informative, but also encouraging and showing them different ways of achieving their potentials and to fulfil their professional ambitions." Katarina Zajacova, Teaching Fellow

Individual Clients

"I approached Taylored Mindset because I knew I had a couple of problems which was hindering my performance and my attitude, but couldn’t identify exactly what they were. Taylored Mindset helped me to pin-point these issues and approach them in a calm, productive manner and after a couple of sessions there has been a noticeable difference in my performance, which I believe is thanks to Zoe and the techniques she has taught me to overcome my problems. I will continue to work with Taylored Mindset throughout the season and would definitely recommend her."

Lucy Collecott Eventing

"Zoe really helped me going through my horses injury at a time where I was stressed anyway due to exams pressure. Her techniques and advice helped me maintain close relationships with my sponsors when I couldn't be out competing as I was before. I still use her advice in day to day life and it really helps me put a positive outlook on the situation. She was really brilliant in helping me and I would definitely recommend her and will continue talking to her while I'm back out competing again."

Dom Watson Eventing

"Going into my new role in business as a step up was exciting but also slightly daunting. Day four into my new job I felt a slight wobble - was I ready for this new challenge? I sought the advice of Zoe. She listened to me and my concerns and straight away put me to ease. She suggested goal setting. Taking one day, one week at a time and achieving my new goals. She boosted my confidence with her comments and her motto of 'you worked for this, you deserve it, so enjoy' it stuck in my head. Whenever I'm having a wobble now I remember that phrase and think of Zoe. It straight away gives me the boost I need in business and for that I thank you Zoe!"

Director of sales,
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