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Zoe completes Crondall triathlon!

Once I was signed off from the physio after my knee operation, I was very keen to set myself a new challenge. Crondall Super Sprint Triathlon is something I have wanted to do for years and was always put off because it seemed like quite a daunting challenge.

This year I decided to stop toying with the idea and to commit to doing it. I signed up and in doing so asked anyone at the yard if they were also keen. Social support is an excellent way to facilitate motivation and this was a perfect opportunity for it. Alex Moor who also events with Team Mission Eventing signed up and so we decided to raise money for Hannah Francis' charity, Willberry the Wonder Pony.

Race day had a real buzz to it at Lords Wandsworth. I was rather relaxed about the triathlon but it wasn't until I was waiting to swim that I realised that I was actually quite nervous. My first few laps in the pool were a bit too quick as the adrenalin hit and I quickly realised I needed to pace myself. The swim was over before I knew it and off to the cycle I went.

The transition was quick and quite a fun experience. Then the cycle begun. Luckily my grandma let me borrow her bike which has road tyres but it was far from the carbon fibre bikes that I was in contest with.

The cycle was very enjoyable. A hot day and beautiful countryside made it rather enjoyable, despite some tough hills. The hills definitely tested my mental strength as having only cycled in my spinning classes, this was quite the contrast and there was no turning down the resistance here!!

The cycle to run... everyone warns you about jelly legs and despite preparing, it hit me more than I realised, especially as the run is straight into a hill. Despite this first hill, I eventually got my pace and really enjoyed the run, especially as it is my favourite discipline. Not quite my usual speedy 5k but I was chuffed to complete.

6 months to do the day post ligament surgery and I have completed my first triathlon. The volunteers made the event such a friendly and inviting first one. Alex and I also smashed our £200 target and raised £270 for charity. Huge thanks to everyone who has supported us. Here's to the next challenge!!


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