Sport Mapping the Journey into Psychology

"Everyone's journey into sport psychology is unique. A young passion for riding and the purchase of my first cheeky pony was the beginning of mine. The application of core mental methods to enhance my mental skills allowed me to see the impact that psychology could have on my performance, as I progressed through the levels. The use of visualisation and self talk became integral to my performance in preparing for the step up to international eventing."

Zoe Taylor


Zoe has worked with various equestrian clients; the clients have ranged from amateur's to professional rider's. Her passion for equestrian sport has seen her running various "Peak Performance" workshops, alongside Camilla Henderson, as featured in the Horse and Hound. 


Zoe works with rugby on a weekly basis. She first started working with rugby in June 2017 and her work ranges from working with first team athletes to the entry level academy players. She has developed and delivered a psychology programme which is applicable to rugby; this programme covers the key transitional periods, as well as the entire season, targeting the holistic athlete.

Zoe continues to work within a rugby setting, working with a premiership team.


Fleet, Hampshire

Tel: 07919890303


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