Sport and Occupational Psychology: Lending from Each Other to Enhance Performance

"There are numerous overlaps between business and sport. Where sport builds in periods for high performance, business expects and demands a level of high performance on a daily basis, without the planned rest periods. Utilising sport psychology in business, while still lending on occupational psychology, can have a huge impact for our high performing corporate workers."

Zoe Taylor

sport psychology in business

Having been immersed in the corporate world for almost two years, Zoe has experience of applying sport and performance psychology within a business setting for developing and senior leaders. Zoe has completed the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, making her eligible for chartered manager status. 

Zoe is an experienced facilitator; facilitation experience includes both face to face and online (Zoom) sessions, with group sizes ranging from 8-100 people.

Taking the application of performance psychology into business further, Zoe is co-authoring a book which addresses just this. Keep a look out for updates!

What previous clients say:

"Going into my new role in business as a step up was exciting but also slightly daunting. Day four into my new job I felt a slight wobble - was I ready for this new challenge? I sought the advice of Zoe. She listened to me and my concerns and straight away put me to ease. She suggested goal setting. Taking one day, one week at a time and achieving my new goals. She boosted my confidence with her comments and her motto of 'you worked for this, you deserve it, so enjoy' it stuck in my head. Whenever I'm having a wobble now I remember that phrase and think of Zoe. It straight away gives me the boost I need in business and for that I thank you Zoe!" Previous Director of Sales, Holiday Inn


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