Sport and Occupational Psychology: Lending from Each Other to Enhance Performance

"There are numerous overlaps between business and sport. Where sport builds in periods for high performance, business expects and demands a level of high performance on a daily basis, without the planned rest periods. Utilising sport psychology in business, while still lending on occupational psychology, can have a huge impact for our high performing corporate workers."

Zoe Taylor

sport psychology in business

Zoe works directly with her associate Tom Williams (ex Harlequins rugby player, Transition coach) to deliver a range of away days.


What these look like? 

Our expertise lie in sport but are not limited to sport. We both have a passion for development, transitions and leadership. Our away days include active co-delivery, the transference of sport to business psychology, a mixture of fun and challenging activities, followed by (our other passion!) a well deserved G&T or wine tasting.


Fleet, Hampshire

Tel: 07919890303


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